Cingular Wireless contact?

This is a mailing list for the wrong sort of network for this question, but...

If anybody knows who to talk to at the former ATT Wireless part of Cingular about a cell site that's been rejecting calls for the last six weeks, can you please contact me off list?

Cingular's "Technical Assistance" says they have no idea who to talk to about network problems.


Oh, man...DO NOT make me rant about Cingular.

If anyone knows who to talk to at Cingular about Wireless Fax over Cingular Wireless (Telular SX5E box) ...

If anyone's still alive still at Cingular that knows anything is ... I just set up someone on GSM with a Fax # to an actual external fax machine around 4 months ago. Now their claiming there's no such thing. Funny thing is they'll issue the number and enter the code into billing. After that they seem to be lost. Is there an engineers month off or something?

Cingular's "Technical Assistance" Data Tech Support? at 866-490-266 is NOT what it used to be, even a few months ago or so. If I wanted to play video games or get ring tones on my phone to be cute, I could probably get some help.

You're correct. :slight_smile: or alt.dcom.telecom are better places to find
this sort of person, or at least, they used to be.

-- jra