CIDR,Sprint and the Big Guys. (fwd)

Move into the -

What I meant to say was: -

  Which should be just over 1500 ISPs.

  Any ISP/NSP that can provide a good network outline, showing not
only how they plan to put into pratice but show their current setup,
locations, etc. will be assigned a /16 in the range above. That would
give about 1200 ISPs /16s.

  Now, to make sure they are being conservative with their
networks, routing tables, CIDR, etc. Explain to the ISP that the only way
they are going to get a /16 is if they renumber their whole network. This
will return a lot of larger /20 and above address space to the nic and
reduce the size of the routing table on the net.

  Now, why can't something like this be done? Trust me, If you gave
me /16, I would have all my customers re-number, re-number all my hosts,
etc in about 6 months, which is about the timeline I would bive.

  But than again, we can go along as we do, the larger keep getting
larger and the rest of us have to fight for IPs.

  ok, now off the soap box.

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