CIDR problems data point... :(

During the conference today, I alluded to various providers
who are expected to have serious memory problems with
16Mbyte routers.

One of the European ICM connectees sent me a piece of mail
advising me today that:

  "[the] box here couldn't cope any more and was crashing
  every couple of hours or so, because it ran out of mem."
  "[we] unfortunately had to stick a filter on the inbound stuff
  from the US, and made it default route. :frowning: Right now
  it takes what's left of 690, AlterNet and SprintLink,
  although it looks like [maybe just] ^1800 1239$ at some point".

An important R&E network in Europe, therefore, is no longer
able to do the kind of routing to the U.S. that they'd like
to, and this will adversely affect their backup arrangements
and some connectivity to some parts of the commercial


They do have approval to buy 7000s, however this won't happen
before people start complaining. Also, it will get worse,
as this happens to more providers around the world.

Aggregate and CIDRize, please! As predicted, global
disconnectivity has started happening, and it started today.

- --
Sean Doran <> Sprint/NSFNET International Connectivity Project