> >Does that mean that all the internet registries no longer allocate
> >/24 (or longer) prefixes that have nothing to do with the actual
> >Internet topology (these prefixes aka "portable addresses") ? Perhaps
> >folks from various Internet registries would be able to answer this
> >question.
> I assign /22s to ISPs. When they use them up I give them another /22.
> Private companies that show a need for a /24 are assigned a /24.

Ah. here is the rub. When you ISP buddies come back, you should ask
them to return the origianal /22 for a /20. That way, the total size
of the routing system stays the same!

And every time they need to expand, even using the same provider, they have
to renumber their whole network?

I sincerely hope that was sarcasm I detected in your post...