CIDR Aggregation Tool

Did you not see the aggregation report by Tony Bates on cidrd
posted periodically for the last couple of years? It lists
aggregation gains for each origin AS, rather than the BGP
neighbor in your numbers. IMHO, numbers based on origin AS
is much more useful.

If you need to invent wheels, let us at least invent better
wheels :slight_smile:

-- Enke

No, I missed the ASnum-based report by Tony on cidrd.

In any case, I thought it would be useful to try to gather the data
independently on real data in use by our network...

Also, the report based on ASN tends to miss JVNC etc... which
can be aggregated by their transit provider at the peering/exchange

Reports based on just next-hop seem to catch the top-level aggregation
possibilities (i.e. a customer of JVNC & a customer of some other
ISP might have adjacent /24s that could be aggregated)...