There are big wildfires going on in Chile, Valparaiso region where submarine cables mainly land. Are there any major outages reported so far ? We had many outages in region last 24 hours and with reason of metro fiber burning.

Sorry if this is slightly out of topic here. Could not find any news anywhere related internet impact


Yes there are fires, many of them. Having dealt with the fires in Valpariso area I can imagine the impact to power, gas and hanging fiber. I did not see any news that would mention Internet or communications specifically.

It was 40C this AM in the area of Quilpué where the fires have destroyed many things including the vast amount of fiber running inland. The smoke is limiting work as breathing is difficult at best. I noticed the tools like a wildfire tracker incorrectly reported fires in the Valparaíso harbor at one point. A good resource is to show the vast number of fires in many regions from an exceptionally dry and hot summer.

I have info from various Chileans including one of the ASNs mentioned by Romain.


I cannot confirm if this due to the fires but there's some usual changes in BGP for Chilean networks.

- One of the two 'telefonica movil de chile' (AS27680) temporarily lost global reachability around 19:00 UTC on feb 2nd:

Later around 20:45 UTC:

- AS263816 (Chamber of Deputies?) and AS264839 lost global reachability for about 4h:

- The Catholic University of Valparaíso (AS16742) lost connectivity with one of its upstream (CTC) and switched entirely to AS3549:

- AS22860 also lost an upstream:

During that period of time Entel Chile (AS27986) is not as stable as it used to be:

Some of these are also confirmed by IODA:

Take this with a grain of salt, this is what we see with our (experimental) tools from Japan, I have no idea what exactly happened to these networks.

Romain Fontugne