Chiappa blows his brains out (was Re: Policy Statement)


] You present a hard edge case that isn't particularly well met by the current
] infrastructure and it can't necessarily be done well or even done at all.
] (Sean's tricky chocolate-consulting hack excluded).

  Why is it excluded?

  It's too easy for people to make up reasons why they shouldn't
  have to think, or heaven forbid, renumber. I'd wager a pound of
  reese's pieces that Sean threw those paragraphs out of his mind,
  with less than an hour's thought. The tricky thing about Sean is
  realizing that he thinks about problem solutions, not excuses as
  to why the problems can't be solved.

  As for the reordering crisis, order the book from the Phonics people, it
  might help -> D-H-C-P. What? Your software doesn't support it?
  Erm, call your sales rep. Make threats; threaten to go to
  Microsoft who does.

  These things can be done, and the current state of the net can be
  much eased by providers enforcing prefix aggregation impetus. It
  could also be done by being "good net.citizens" and all that
  ruckus, but the masses don't move unless forced to.

  Somone needs to force them.

  Thank you, Sprint, for slowing the acceleration with your /19
  policy. Now, let's see if we can't decrease the problem with
  historical prefix aggregation rules, or retirement so as to achieve
  the same effect.