Chelsea Pier Needs Network Helpers


I just heard on the radio that Ethernet Hubs, CAT5 cables, and Network
Enginners(to put together the equipment) are needed down at Chelsea pier on
23rd St. in NY.

I don't have any more details than that.

- Jason

Don't forget the extension cords and power strips...

I will be traveling to NYC tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, sooner if needed, as
part of what was to be a joyous occasion. As such, I'd like to volunteer my
assistance to ANYONE who needs it, in any capacity, whether it be helping to
restore some of the devastated networks or serving as a taxi :slight_smile:

Anyone who needs the extra hands can call me at the numbers below, or e-mail
me directly which may be the easier option considering the state everything
is in.


Cristopher Daniluk
President & CEO
direct: 330/530-2373

Digital Services Network, Inc
Unleashing Your Potential
voice: 800/845-4822