I realise that some of the people on this list is at the NANOG-13 and that
might be why I never got a response on my inquiery about scripts finding
contacts for a certain IP.

I spent a few hours during the afternoon at putting something together.
It's very ugly but it seems to work somewhat...

I put it at, it's about 2k
in size and is totally shellscripts.

It does the following:

first checks if you're trying to find out about a 12/8 or 24/8 and then
says that it is not implemented. Arins database seems dysfunctional on
these nets it has to be hacked around (sometime).

It then whois:es the IP at Arin, and goes to RIPE or APNIC if suitable
(looks for certain responses).

If it finds no match it truncates (that's what I call it) the IP to a
network number according to the old class A, B or C-net scheme. Most of
the whois databases seems to be built around this. It then tries again.

If it during the process finds several NETBLKs it tries to whois them
separately and bring out all those contact adresses.

Finally it prints out the adresses it found in the whois database.

It works on a lot of nets I tested it with (from the SAR database at and I mainly made this because I wanted the
SAR to be able to automatically contact admins for the smurf relay:able
nets found there. (I personally enter all the nets I get smurfed with

Ok folks, I know it is ugly and I probably shouldnt release it, but it's
on a AS-IS basis and I would like suggestions on how to improve on its

PS. It uses fwhois which is a whois client that is using the format whois
nick@whoishost. I realise that a lot of you people out there have whois
clients that use whois -h host nick. I guess you have to modify the
scripts to work with that. I tried to make it slightly modular to allow
these changes to be done on as few places as .. err... reasonably possible
or something :slight_smile:

I would be happy to try your script and make sure it generates
the right addresses and not more for cases in the RIPE DB.
Never ever use the changed: attribute to send mail!


Then perhaps you can tell me how to get the email adresses of the contacts
in the Ripe database. Most of the time they seem to be left out.

Surely the person responsible for the change in the database must be aware
of the email adress to the contact person, even though it is not in your
whois database?

The email adress to contacts seems to be lacking a lot in the Ripe
database. Why?

Anyway, since you dont want to have changed:-lines emailed I have changed
the scripts accordingly. I have also simplified the change of
whois-clients from the one I am using. Read the READ.ME.

New place is