Charter regional(nationwide?) flapping/multi outages

[ This email takes place and context between 0817 GMT and 0910 GMT ]

Charter is/was/has been/may still be hit by regional to national outages,
starting ~ 0817 GMT

Not only is my home ofc (100mb, quad doc3/rg6, hangs off chi) down (dying
well within the network and not at cpe-adjacent gear), Charter NOC and
Eng's cant even get to their ticketing and status/testing systems. They're
dead in the water. (Voice service aside)

... :

Three thoughts come to mind.

1) Tech says Charter (according to internal talk) has no v6 deploy plans
until 2013. Someone stop me from pulling out my hair on this -- Does 3q
'13 align with others' plans for v6 deployment ?

2) Eating your own dogfood is awesome, but where is a backup plan? My
traces out during the ~30 mins on the horn had me routing thru Chi, Cle,
and MO, dying at border/cores every time. Tethering my laptop to my
android, I saw similarly-stopping routes inbound. (BGPlay disagrees, but
thats another issue).
    Does it not behoove call centers and NOCs to have local access to
replicated ticket and status dbs, failing over to alt carriers during
severe outages (or any outage that takes down primary support)?

3) The first line tech suggested "it's DNS" (yet I run two of my own
nameservers @ home, and roll neustar for global) -- Are we (senior types)
just trying to get nocs off the phone with whatever answer, even if it
involves lies that (we're naive to think) there /aren't/ those without clue
that will challenge this, from premise to organization,
sometimes *(cough)*. bringing these issues to a national stage?

Thoughts, comments, insults, jokes, bring it. Anonymization assured should
you want to go OTR and have me repost.


We are also getting issues from last 2 he's. Any ideas what caused this.

Anurag Bhatia

I have one upstream with no plans to deploy v6 until 2013. I have
production operations in one of their facilities in Europe and a
customer there screaming for v6 support and due to legal issues can't
serve that customer from the US. This is one reason (among a few
others) we have decided to migrate away from this provider. Our US
operations have other v6 capable carriers and we have deployed v6 for
most of our production operations in the US.

All of mine already provide me with native IPv6. Whenever Charter has
approached me over the last year I tell them upfront that they need to
match the existing capabilities of my other providers and let them go
through their process.