charitable organization for the shrinkage of the global routing table

So I have a bunch of replies, some of which suggest targetting the ISPs
directly (phone bank of educated volunteers), some of which wondered why
ISPs would care since non-aggregation is seen as good business sense in
some cases. A couple replies asked if they could operate the cameras;
one myopic confused soul suggested *I* model instead of Vint. And then
there were a couple replies that indicated that we are *already* running
into problems with some combination of numbers of routes, numbers of
paths and numbers of implementation bugs (leaks in one implementation,
pointer woes in another).

That last point is serious.

I humbly suggest that it's time to spam all the end users the NLANR
cache researchers can identify as porn browsers with a simple message:

Hot sexy babes want YOU to choose a provider who's a good aggregator!

[With a URL pointing to someone's CIDR page, with an obligatory link
to t&a or c&a or or s&m or s&g or ipv6 or whatever perverted stuff
people spend alot of time reading about. Indeed, maybe we can enlist
Betty Bowers and the folks at so that we
cover all the bases].