Changing upstream providers, opinions/thoughts on and cogent

I work for a rural ISP and the powers that be have been thinking about changing our upstream providers. The big names on the table right now are and Cogent.

I, along with the people in my circle, do not have any experience with these providers and all we are getting is what sales are dishing us.

I was hoping some of you here might have experience with these providers and could share your experiences and opinions.



Run BGP and use multiple upstream providers as soon as you can.


Hi Aaron,

I don't know anything about

Google "Cogent cake," "cogent sprint," and "cogent telia" for
explanations and examples of how relying on Cogent as your sole
transit provider is likely to bite you in the behind. Using them as a
secondary transit provider in a BGP-managed mix is arguably more

Bill Herrin

To reiterate what's been said...

I would not want to be single-homed to Cogent. They're fine (and generally useful and a reasonable use of your operating money) in a blend.

I'm not familiar with, but looking briefly at them, they appear to be a regional blend. Much preferable compared to your other option assuming they competently operate their network.

FWIW, I wouldn't WANT to be single-homed to anyone, but I'll do it when it's the right choice.

If you have to be single-homed, you really have to go with a quality upstream, and you're going to pay for it. If you have the volume and connectivity to be multi-homed, do it. It'll be better in just about every way.

I’ve never heard of 123

I’ve used Cogent for several years now…

Price was good

10 gig link… for a few years

20 gig (2) 10 gigs lagged… for a year or so…

100 gig link for past few months…

The support is quick and easy to deal with.

DDOS RTBH is nice quick and easy (but different than other SP’s with communities…. Cogent ddos rtbh is a separate bgp neighbor session)… I like it

IPv6 has issues with Google and HE I think still….been years now.

Attacks come as often through cogent as any of my sp’s, but probably more on cogent than others…. Telia is catching up.