Change re ARIN RPKI Relying Party TAL access

NANOGers -

     One of the concerns raised at a previous NANOG was with
     respect to the need for an RPKI relying parties to explicitly
     accept ARIN's relying party agreement (RPA) - note that this
     has now been changed (per the attached announcement)

     Wile the RPA terms remain the same, it is no longer necessary
     to click-accept and provide an email in order to access ARIN's
     trust anchor locator (TAL).


Dear John,

Job -

   As I noted, the Relying Party Agreement terms and conditions remain
   the same - we have simply eliminated the requirement for explicit
   agreement to it thru entry of your email and click-to-accept. We do
   not expect there is any legal consequences for relying parties as result
   of this change [1], only a question of convenience of access to the TAL
   as sought by the community.


John Curran
President and CEO

[1] The world of assenting to agreement terms is an interesting legal
      topic, and others may argue that changing from click-to-accept to
      binding by usage is material; such is the nature of legal matters.

Hi Job,

In layman's terms, the difference is that you're now free to deal with
the RPKI TAL the same way you deal with the legal issues surrounding
access to ARIN's public whois data -- by ignoring them but not being
so dumb as to sue ARIN if something goes wrong.

Note that I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice and no lawyer
will ever tell you to ignore legal ramifications even when practically
speaking that's the correct thing to do.

Bill Herrin

Bill -

Note that we do send notices and follow up when we receive reports of
egregious violations of the Whois terms of use, and will do similar for
violation of the RPA terms of use. The terms don’t generally get in the
way of what operators want to do, but I’d like to think that’s more of
alignment of expectations rather than folks completely “ignoring them”.


John Curran
President and CEO