CFP: The Workshop on Rapid Malcode (WORM)

[forwarded in consideration that some NANOGers might have some interesting
perspectives on worms that would otherwised be missed]

            The Workshop on Rapid Malcode (WORM)
             Workshop held in association with the
10th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security,
             October 27th, 2003 Washington D.C.

                     Call for Papers

In the last several years, Internet-wide infectious epidemics have
emerged as one of the leading threats to information security and
service availability. The vehicle for these outbreaks, malicious
codes called "worms", leverage the combination of software
monocultures and the uncontrolled Internet communication model to
quickly compromise large numbers of hosts. Current operational
practices have not been able to manage these threats effectively and
the research community is only now beginning to address this area. The
goal of this workshop is to bring together ideas, understanding and
experience bearing on the worm problem from a wide range of
communities including academia, industry and the government. We are
soliciting papers from researchers and practitioners on subjects
including, but not limited to:
   Modeling and analysis of propagation dynamics
   Automatic detection, characterization, and prediction
   Analysis of worm construction, current & future
   Propagation strategies (fast & obvious vs slow and stealthy)
   Reactive countermeasures
   Proactive defenses
   Threat assessment
   Forensic methods of attribution
   Significant operational experiences

Important Dates
Paper submissions due: July 1st, 2003
Acceptance notification: August 14th
Camera ready copy for accepted papers: August 29th
Workshop: October 27th

Submitted papers must not substantially overlap papers that have been
published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or
conference with proceedings. Papers should be at most 10
conference-style pages (double column) using a numbered citation
style, 11 point font, and reasonable margins on letter-sized paper.
The first page of each paper should include the title, abstract,
authors and contact information. Further submission instructions will
be posted at in a timely matter.

Conference Organization
General Chair: Stuart Staniford, Silicon Defense
Publicity Chair: Robert Cunningham, MIT Lincoln Lab
Program Committee Chair: Stefan Savage, UC San Diego
Program Committee Members: Robert Cunningham, MIT Lincoln Lab
                           Anup Ghosh, DARPA
                           David Moore, CAIDA/UC San Diego
                           Carey Nachenberg, Symantec
                           Vern Paxson, ICIR/LBL
                           Phil Porras, SRI
                           Jeff Rowe, UC Davis
                           Mike Skroch, Sandia
                           Stuart Staniford, Silicon Defense
                           Don Towsley, UMass Amherst