Certification or College degrees?

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Brian said:

Computer science does enforce critical thinking skills, which are a very
necessary part of any successful engineer's toolbox.

Remember that "Learned everything in Kindergarten" book a while back?

Well, a good engineering education teaches you less, but educates
you more, than you might think.

Specifically, you learn how to know what you [don't] know, and
how to learn more as needed.

But most pivotal, it hammers a *rigorous, systematic, problem
solving approach* into you. If you can't grasp & embrace that,
you'll be gone. As an older student, I watched lots of bright young
faces, all smarter than YT, trip at that fence and change majors.
(Me? I could never grok the sole philosophy course I tried...)

Just like no one can ever really write a large program, no one
can solve a large problem. Just like a soldier dives for a
foxhole when he hears weapons fire, and THEN thinks; when your
reflex is "how do I break up {whatever} into parts I can
handle?" then you're over the hump.

THAT won't be obsolete when Billy introduces Windows 20000, and we
have 6ESS's & DMS 2500's.

Tis amazing as an engineering major to watch how many students drop as the
calculus gets tougher and tougher..