Certification or College degrees?

To start, I know a lot of people with no certifications, degrees or diplomas
that can dance circles around their desired loves of networking or unix
administration. They live, work and earn every penny they receive. I hold
them in high esteem and thank them constantly for help they give to me.
They do not need to take the tests to know about things or be known for
things they have done.

Living in a profession that has a large majority of male counterparts, being
a female has been a bit tough. Having those pieces of paper has helped me
to open a few doors. Once those doors are opened technical questions, a bit
of experience and the ability to smile and laugh have kept those doors
opened. The papers have helped to introduce myself, show that I may actually
have the basics. Without them I am not sure I would be where I am now.

Getting them were more of yearning for learning than a "look I have this"
statement. My current manager smiled when I asked him not to tell my
counter parts what I have. Certs/Degrees/Diplomas sometimes cause tension
between staff that have them and staff that do not have them until everyone
gets to know the person, and how they work.

To me experience means a lot more. You may think this is strange but the
more "bugs" I find the more I smile for it gives me a great opportunity to
learn. To learn something that is not in the books, where it takes a feel
for the device to fix it. Though the heart does pump a bit faster in these
situations due to it being a production device and not a lab device.

Earn the Certs, Diplomas, Degrees for yourself and not the position. The
position is the partical application of what you like to do. A good HR
person looks at your personality to make sure you fit the team, if you can
answer the technical questions you do not need always need the paper.


Oh.. I should add. My first Cert was out written out of spite. A male
co-worker seemed high and mighty when he passed. So I wrote it to keep him
quiet. I must thank him one day. :slight_smile: