Centurylink/Level3 Plans

Does anyone know what the plans or even watercooler chat is concerning Centurylink (AS209) and Level3 (AS3356) integration, direct peering, or continuing separation?

We are looking at a IP Transit deal involving one or both networks and while I'd love to have transit routes from both, I don't want to design to be shot in the foot later on either if they are talking about soon-to-be integrated or something.


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So the reps/SEs/Techs that I have spoken with are saying they are going to
keep them separate. In my case I am tw customer and was worried about their
network when L3 took them over. I was even more worried when Centurylink
then took over L3 that I was going to lose one of the networks. However I
gotten assurances from everyone there that they are going to maintain all 3
networks as separate for the foreseeable future.

They were also forced to divest some of their L3 assets in various places - like here in Boise where they sold the L3 part to Syringa Networks.

We've got fiber and BGP from CL in Boise, and our paths still seem to only take CL transit and don't happen to hit L3 unless its a specific customer on L3.

Remember Global Crossing & Level3 merger? Perhaps look for an option that
involves neither

There are few good options out there!