Cell-based OOB management devices

David, a Sprint aircard can be had with a static-ip, so that should ease remote connectivity requirements. Or, you can opt for the Datalink (private VPN) service, which separates your aircard traffic from other customers within a VRF, obviating the need to run a separate VPN client.


---- David Hubbard <dhubbard@dino.hostasaurus.com> wrote:

We do this with at&t with a custom APN works great no need to VPN. If you want to use Sprint take a look at Sprint Data Link. You can use your IPs on the data cards.


Second this. Custom APN to AT&T with ipsec lan2lan VPN built to the
provider. Works great for this.

Once you get rid of the vpn need, you can use any cheap console server.
I've seen solutions ranging from little opengear boxes (which are great to
ship to a remote site to help a tech set something up, BTW), to home-brew
solutions involving anything that can run OpenWRT, has a usb port, and can
run screen or ser2net.

Prices for low volume (10mb/month) data plans typically are less than
analog lines, too.

We pay $4 per SIM with at&t then about $2.50 per MB.