CCO goes down the tubes

Anyone else notice that you now need javascript in order to even
view TAC Cases? Anyone else annoyed by this crippling of
something Cisco actually did reasonably well?

Anyone not care what cisco does to CCO because you're still mourning
the loss of CIO?

What's next, requirement for flash to view vendor documentation?
(Equinix already has this inane requirement.)

Maybe I'm the only one left who sees a need to be able to
check on things from a vt100 at a remote site.

Welcome to the web, the technology that was supposed to remove
technological incompatibilities and vendor-specific software


having a major provider like Cisco require that field
technical people have significant computing resources to
view potentialy critical information is very very bad.

Many times in the field you are working in a situation where
you don't have many of the normal resources a desk jockey
would have.

Cisco, please get the eye candy people out of the
technical groups.