Caution! Don't attempt the Postini to Google Apps transition

TL; DR: Email won't be delivered, No support

I have two domains that I set up with Postini for spam filtering, and I was very happy for years. But Google purchased Postini, and has been increasingly insistent that I migrate to Google Apps. They have a transition process which is supposedly seamless, and which guarantees that mail will continue flowing throughout the transition. In reality, all of my email was offline for 24 hours, first into a black hole, and then bouncing with permanent failures.

Calling Google support last night resulted in a long wait to finally talk to someone who told me that Postini support was too busy and who took down my name and number for a call back. Never got a call.

This morning I opened a support ticket via the web site, and two hours later got a reply suggesting that it might be my MX records. Never mind that (according to the logs I could see) the mail was still flowing properly to Postini, passing through there to Google, and then being dumped at Google.

When I called to escalate, I found a support agent who couldn't find the ticket I had opened via the website, and who then tried to transfer me. In the process, I sat on hold for 30 minutes, then the call was dropped.

When I called right back, I went through the same phone tree and authentication process, and reached another agent. When he asked my problem, and I started to describe it, he said "oh, Postini" and then hung up on me.

At that point it had been 24 hours, which is too long to have one's inbound email getting permanent failures, and so I've set my MX records to point directly at my own servers and will just live without spam filtering for a while. In the meantime, I strongly encourage anyone else who cares about reliable email delivery to avoid my fate.

Matthew Kaufman

Hi Matthew

Interesting experience.

first into a black hole, and then bouncing with permanent failures.

What you mean by permanent failures? Can you share error you saw in bounce