Catalyst IOS refresher site?

It's been a bit too long since I was near the high end, so I grabbed a
4507 from my local surplus vendor; dual PS, dual supe, Gig Fiber (large
transceivers, alas, not GBIC), and 3 48port RJ45 POE cards. For $60.

I love surplus.

Is there a good Catalyst-IOS tutorial on line I can buzz through, to
refresh my memory on where everything is?

-- jra

Might help if you said what type of line cards and sup you've got. A SupII era card is CatOS, SupIII and newer are IOS, command sets are completely different, and depending on the line cards you've got, you might have some of the really old L2 only cards (can't remember if you could do L3 on the bastard Gig/FE cards only, or if it was dependent on the particular Sup installed). That said, if it's an IOS Sup, I'd start here:

Jeremy "TheBrez" Bresley

Hmm. I wasn't smart enough to shoot a pic of the front panel, and I'm
not picking it up til Monday, so I don't know. I have some background
in Catalyst IOS, but it's old and on 3500-class switches, not the
bigger iron.

-- jra

If it were me I would pickup a SupIII or SupIV off ebay. They are
pretty cheap.


In fact, my vendor is an old client, so when the 4507 turned out to have
240-only power supplies (I rent), they swapped me out for a 4006, and we
card-swapped to leave me with:

* WS-X4515 Supervisor Engine IV
* An empty slot with a cover; 2 empty slots without covers
* WS-X4248-RJ45V 48-port POE
* WS-X4232-L3 Routing Engine, with 32 10/100 plus 2 of those large optical
transceiver ports for which I have none of whatever we used to call GBICs
before they got tiny. :slight_smile:

Holidays being what they are, I'm still digging out the bench, but I want
to say that the one time I consoled it and booted it on theirs, it said
12.5(20), or something thereabouts, before complaining it had no image to
boot from.

More fun to follow; everyone needs a New Year's resolution, right?

I mean, other than 3840x2160.

-- jra