Cat. 6509 - Foundry Server Iron Interoperability

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone else has experienced the following problem and could
perhaps offer a solution:

Interconnecting Catalyst 6509 Short Haul GBICs up to a Foudry Server Iron SX
with SC-SC fibre patch lead. The foundry sees a link light BUT the cisco
see's nothing connected. What sprung to mind was auto neg. problems on the
CAT but auto neg is not a supported option so it can't be this?

Thanks in advance.



Since there is a question here about Foundry.. I am running various
foundry equipment from their routers, fwlb's, si's, 4000 and 8000.
Curious if others are experiencing issues. More specificaly with fwlb 4
pack with nokia checkpoint and hashing issues as well as cpu loads on the




On the 6509:

set port negotiation <port> disable

You gotta do this even when you plug in a Cisco GSR (or did when I last
tried it.) Symptoms exactly the same.