Does anyone know who are the providers in this building? US Signal is there. Anyone else?

222 West Washington Ave, Madison.

Surely the landlord would have a list of carriers providing service into the property.

If I had to guess that is in Spectrum’s footprint. They will be able to service it

I have a tool that tells me this at that address: shows various options

Great resource Mehmit,

Many thanks for sharing.


Maybe those with their own glass, but they wouldn’t know anything about anyone coming in on IRUs.

5nines is in that building, they list available carriers on their spec sheet, it is a pretty respectable selection. Unsure of how the MMR or cross connects work in building though.

There are several parties in that building. Perhaps Peering DB will
yield you useful starting points:

It's a semi free for all. You'll want to get into the suite where most
of your connections are located.

Availability of dark fiber is limited. Pretty much limited to lit transport. Neither Zayo nor Crown Castle have metro networks.



I tend to agree. Looks at least on the surface useful.