Carriers using CES in the wild?

Is anyone aware of any carriers that are using CES as a transport method
as private line and aren't necessarily selling it as such? (ie, I've
ordered a DS-3 from point A to point B, and instead of the carrier
dropping it as standard TDM it's CES through their network...)


What you are speaking of is most likely what juniper
calls CCC. L2 transport over their network. Not too dificult to set up
but as usual the complications come in the realm of redundancy and
network reconvergence.

  I'd pay close attention to the SLA offered, but it
is probally similar to what is seen in a TDM network if they
employ mpls fast reroute .. and if you're doing IP
over this circuit, you will probally be less likely to notice any

  - Jared

Actually I was moreso looking to see if any of the "major" carriers were
doing it on the sly, ie, selling it as point-to-point TDM but instead it
was CES