Carrier outage?

One of our voice conferencing vendors had an significant outage last
week, and pinned the blame on a "major US carrier outage" that affected
telco resources "throughout the United States". Any way to independently
corroborate this claim? I would imagine news of such a major carrier
outage would have reached this or another operator's group (and I didn't
see anything on this list about one). I'm not saying they're "lying",
but I like to check out such claims to ensure my vendors are being
honest and up front and not trying to pass the buck.

Naturally the vendor did not say _which_ carrier had the outage.

Any info or guidance as to where I should be looking for info?

Many thanks,


I suppose it depends on the 'type' of outage and the type of traffic the voice conferencing utilizes.

If it's some strange off the wall protocol or something, I suppose it would have only affected a small portion of people and if it happened on a carrier like Verizon or Qwest or something, I suppose they fit the bill for 'major carrier.'

Although I would agree, I would demand answers too but they may be hard to get depending on circumstances.

Douglas K. Fischer wroteth on 9/7/2007 3:43 PM: