carrier grade fax boards?

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on carrier grade fax boards that are SIP based?


What would "carrier grade" even *mean* for a fax board?

Fax hardware/boards that other members have used within service provider environments to deliver services to their end users .

When you use the terms 'SIP' and 'Fax/Board' in the same sentence, it sort of becomes an oxymoron.

In the analog world, we used to use 'Carrier grade' Fax/boards made by BrookTrout which was then acquired by Dialogic. (Truefax line), and there were a couple of others.. mostly these were cards with large amount of DSP's used for fax processing multiple channels on digital links (BRI/PRI/T1's etc).

Since SIP is a 'communication protocol' which works with IP, there is no need for 'Fax/Board', since all everything needed can be done via software. The only reason one may need Hardware is to convert SIP to traditional TDM (POTS line or PRI/T1/E1 etc). Most of us are used to referring to these devices as IAD's.

Having said that, what are you looking to do ? Traditional TDM fax or SIP based FOIP ?



Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom

I would not consider any fax board "carrier grade" that uses sip .... sip to pots for faxes is still hit and miss.

100% Dialogic, we are currently using both of their carrier-grade boards
and IMG's to deliver fax services in various flavors of transport
configurations to end-users and wholesale customers.

Pricey, but well worth every penny...

IMG series w/SS7 support -

Not really fax board, but there are ATA (analog telephony (?)
adapters) that handle fax very well (and others that just suck at it).

Certain versions of the Cisco ATA 180 series worked really well even
over satellite; others were terrible. It's somewhat of a hit or miss

How many users are you supporting? If you're looking for a device to
just put on-prem at a customer site to handle fax, those ATAs are
pretty easy to find.

If looking for old school industrial faxing capabilities then maybe something like:

I have a client who used to us them with a custom inbound dictation application and multiple PRIs to feed them (not the fax board, but dialogic) worked well. Not cheap for licensing...


I took it to mean "expensive". :slight_smile: