Carrier assistance

Could anyone from Qwest/CenturyLink, TW Telecom, or XO with the ability to assist with some null routing please drop me a line off-list? Got a customer getting attacked in one of my sites and our calls are languishing in hold queues.

Thanks in advance,

- Darrell

Diane spent a few more seconds over by the dresser before turning back around, condom in hand and already unwrapped.
"Here we go," she grinned, slipping the condom over the throbbing mushroom-head of Terry's cock and sliding it down. The condom was lubricated inside as well as out, and the lube felt warm on his shaft. He felt a renewed surge of hardness. Diane dropped her pants and panties and positioned herself above him. She lowered her pussy down on top of Terry's beer bottle thick erection.
God, what a massive clit! It makes Crissy's look small. Thought Terry. Diane's clitoris had swelled to the size of the end of her thumb, it gleamed wetly as it slid down the length of his python.
Inch by inch, his impossible dick disappeared inside her. Diane grunted. This was almost more than she'd bargained for... Still, nothing she couldn't handle. She took some deep breaths and continued to ease herself down until she was sung against his balls.
Terry could only stare in disbelief. Her pussy was warm and tight. It felt amazing. His dick tingled with excitement as she began to piston herself up and down, rising and falling on his monstrous member.
Terry surrendered to the pleasure and grabbed Diane around her ass. She moaned with delight.
That tingling was stronger now. It felt amazing. It felt... familiar.
Oh shit!
"Diane, what did you do?" he grunted. She thrust harder.
"Hm?" she pretended not to hear.
"Did you put enlargement cream in the condom?" his voice rose, tinged with panic.
"Maybe just one pump," she grinned mischievously "To make things interesting."
"No!" Terry bucked. Diane whooped with delight. He tried to wrestle her off of him, but she was too heavy. She pressed her boobs into his face, almost smothering him. He continued to thrash, but she gripped him tight and he couldn't escape.
"Diane, I don't want to get any bigger, I can't!" Terry's cries were muffled by her gargantuan melons.
"Stop being a bitch!" she laughed, riding him like a mechanical bull.
Terry tired to pull out. Maybe if he got the condom off fast enough, he'd only grow a little...
Nothing doing.
Diane clenched her kegel muscles and his dick was suddenly stuck in a steel trap. He put all his strength behind it, but he couldn't get it to budge an inch. How the fuck was she so strong?
"Did I ever tell you about the year I spent abroad in Thailand?" she grinned "I learned some pussy techniques that would make you weep."
Terry believed it. If she squeezed his dick any harder, he was sure it would pop.
"There's no reason we can't both enjoy this. I know I am, ahhhhhh!" she squealed as an orgasm surged through her body.
"Diane, you're crazy!" he bucked again, sending another orgasm boiling through Diane's bottomed-out pussy.
"Oh geez!" she exclaimed. The first surge of growth pulsed through Terry's cock. There was no stopping it now. She felt it start to thicken and lengthen inside her. She had to lower herself down some more until once again her swollen clit was flush with his crotch.
Terry bucked again and Diane rode the wave. There was nothing he could do anymore but finish off as quickly as he could.
He began to thrust. Quick, angry bursts, sliding in and out of her faster and faster. Diane moaned with delight.
"I've never had a dick this big, never ever ever!" she yelled "Terry, you're the god of cock, you know that?"
Terry wasn't listening. He threw every ounce of energy he had into making himself come as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, his engorged dick had other ideas. He had too much stamina now to be a minuteman. He saw more and more of his shaft protrude from the bottom of Diane's swollen pussy, he could feel her tighten around him as his girth swelled. Veins at the base throbbed as blood rushed into his rapidly growing member.
Diane was in heaven. She didn't even care that the sex was starting to hurt. It was about time a cock hurt her. She hadn't felt this way since eleventh grade!
"More, more, more! Keep growing for me, baby!" she yelled. She came again, the force of orgasm was like getting hit by a dump truck.
He kept growing.
After what felt like an eternity of shouting and sweating and moaning, Diane's pussy was unbearably tight. He thought he would pass out. Finally he came. He felt the shock wave of it travel up his cock. Diane felt it, too, like a small explosion inside her. The feeling gave her another orgasm and she was lost again in a sea of pleasure.
"Get off, get off!" he yelled at her.
"Oh, I got off alright," she mumbled, dazed.
Terry finally managed to extricate himself, drawing his dick out of her as quickly as he could. No matter how much he slid out of her, more seemed to follow. The flared mushroom tip of his cock caught at the opening of her pussy and he had to give it a little tug to pop it out.
The skin of the condom was streaked with a thin film of blood. Terry wasn't surprised. The monster he pulled out of her had to be at least as long and thick as his forearm from the bottom of his elbow to the tips of his outstretched fingers. Fifteen inches? Sixteen? He prayed it wasn't that big, but it was.
The reservoir top of the condom dangled from the end of his dick like a water balloon full of milk. He stripped it off and tossed it in the trash where it landed with a splat.
Diane lay on the bed and moaned softly to herself.
He looked down at the huge, throbbing monster in front of him.
This is what I get for cheating. He thought.

Terry sat on the bed and held his head in his hands. His erection subsided begrudgingly, keeping most of its length even as it softened. It settled down with its head between his knees like some enormous, pink snake.
"What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" he demanded.
Diane stretched and propped herself up onto her elbow to get a better view.
"A better question is, what
you do with that monster?" she grinned.
"Are you kidding?"
"No, that thing’s awesome. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard."
"Yeah well, that’s you. Crissy’s never gonna be able to take all this! She could barely take me before!"
"So... Does this mean you don’t want me to hook you guys back up, then?"
Terry glared at her.
"Hey, don’t get mad at me, I don’t know what you want!" she raised her hands in a gesture of surrender.
"Why shouldn’t I get mad at you? Look what you did!" he gestured to his monster member, still throbbing between his knees.
"You’re pretty grouchy for a guy that just got laid."
"Oh, and how should I be, exactly?"
"Um, happy?"
"’Happy?’ I can never have sex again thanks to you!"
Diane laughed.
"It’s not that hard, just find a girl who’s into vaginal fisting," she said.
"I don’t want a girl who’s into vaginal fisting!"
"Or anal, whatever floats your boat..."
Terry growled in frustration and stood up off the bed. His still half-hard member swung down and flopped back and forth between his thighs as he paced. A small rope of cum drizzled from the tip. Diane eyed it like a playful cat eyes a dangling string. Her mind was already churning with schemes.
"This is ridiculous," Terry muttered to himself. His mind raced with the problems brought on by his new cock. How would he fit into his jock? How would he fit into his cup?
He wouldn’t be able to make a full assessment of the problem until he was fully soft. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.
Diane purred to herself on the bed and teased her fat nipples.
"Wanna go again?" she asked, feeling a sudden impulse in her ravenous vagina.
"No, thanks," Terry huffed. His cock disagreed, and slowly started to lengthen again. He pulled his pants back on and stuffed the disobedient beast down the leg of his jeans. The bulge ran the entire length of his thigh, terminating at his knee with a swollen head the size of his fist.
Diane laughed again.
"You look ridiculous," she sniggered.
"Seriously, though. I can’t believe you’re mad at me. Look at that beast! My mouth is watering just thinking about it."
"Yeah, well, forgive me if I don’t care about your opinion."
Diane shrugged and got up off the bed.
"Whatever. There’s no point in crying over spilled cream. You’re stuck with a monster cock now. What you choose to do with it is your problem. I’ll be here to help whenever you decide to cheer up."
"Just get the fuck out!" Terry snapped. Diane gathered up her clothes and skipped out the door, her colossal tits bouncing with every jump. Terry slammed the door behind her.
What was he going to do now?
Diane poked her head back in.
"Can I borrow this?" she asked, grabbing the bottle of cream.
"Whatever!" Terry threw his pillow at the door and Diane vanished, taking the bottle with her. She giggled all the way down the stairs.

What's with the porn lately?

What's with the porn lately?

> Diane spent a few more seconds over by the dresser before turning back around, condom in hand and already unwrapped.

Probably someone trying to bring attention to the abuse problems Y!
has lately.

... JG

can we please ban his email from the list?