Capital Internet down?

One of my providers seems to be off line currently.

Phones and DNS has vanished too.

Does anyone know anything?


Capital Internet
200 Sandy Springs Place Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30328
Company phone: +1.404.531.0080
Company fax: +1.404.303.1945

looks like their internet is broken, perhaps time for them to turn it
off and on again?

(ripe stat shows it's been down since 1600 UTC 9/9/2015, Sept 9th 2015
for my european friends) says it is down for them too

Near as I can tell, the network that your nameservers are in, is being correctly announced by AS21560 which is
"Netstream Communications". I see this announcement here. A traceroute
goes as far as,

13 ( 97.933 ms ( 114.202 ms ( 93.931 ms
14 ( 100.736 ms ( 100.019 ms ( 100.691 ms
15 ( 101.480 ms ( 101.860 ms ( 99.150 ms
16 ( 102.828 ms

looks like something within Netstream or between them and Cogent.

Also both your nameservers seem to be right beside each other in the
same netblock -- that's not really the best idea for just this
sort of reason. It'd be a good idea to have secondary nameservers
somewhere else (Esgob do free secondary anycast DNS and they're nice


Thanks William,

Fibre cut then and they couldn't reannounce our ip ranges because of a lack of LOA.

Learning here... more jobs on the ToDo list.

As for our providers dns, phones, etc... yes.


Which upstream gave them grief about an LOA during an emergency for a
route they'd been announcing to another service provide and that
overlapped no other routes then in the table?