Canned Emails to Send to Infected End-Users

Hello all,

Does anyone have a line on any canned emails to send to end-users? Do
such things exist? I have a few in my arsenal, but I'm getting sick of
writing them. I just realized today that I don't have one for a customer
who's is possession of a zombie spambot computer and is spewing emails
(blocked on my router from going out) like crazy...


Rick Kunkel

If anyone comes up with some good canned text we'd love a copy to distribute to other ISPs how have the same problem.

It's a mammoth support task trying to explain to a non-technical user that his box is infected and what to do about it.

Walled-Gardens (where infected users are ACL'd and redirected to a web page telling them they have an infection and what to do about it) need good text too, I'm not sure I've seen one that does the job of reducing the ISP's tech support task well enough.

We have some text in our FAQs for the Spamhaus XBL which may be useful, it explains to the user what's going on and what to do about it, some of the text form our FAQ might adapt to canned emails for customers:

   Steve Linford
   The Spamhaus Project