Canadian routes with BGP no-export communities


A long time ago, you wrote in this forum about our use of BGP no-export.

Does anyone know what's going on in Canada?

Yes, we do. The more specific routes of are doing exactly
what is intended, which is routing via Sprint. Some customers, which
were sadly allocated from our aggregate, and are, well,
still working on returning the space, are also connected to Sprint.
We have the aggregate, they are dual connected routes which we still
have connectivity to, Sprint carries the more specifics and advertises
them because the customer is advertising the more specifics to Sprint.
Nothing iSTAR can do about this...

We have withdrawn alot of more specifics recently (around a thousand,
I think) and are now working on more aggregation. This is a good
thing. But we still need to surpress the downstream specifics that we
use for MEDs and getting our east/west loading correct. Thus the BGP
no-export on things we aggregate. In fact, with any non-portable
aggregate we have, we have longer prefixes exported no-export to
ensure that the MEDs work correctly and the MED-ed longer prefixes are
not passed downstream.

I do not ever recall hearing about you trying to contact us on this
issue. works as an inter-ISP contact point. Please
write me privately if there is an issue here for you - I would be
fascinated in your findings on dually announced (and unregistered)
routes or longer prefixes. Its very hard these days to track who is
punching holes in your aggregates, and registering them in multiple

Still catching up on old email,

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