Canada's domain and IP registry

If you look through you will find the following:

  The IP registry for Canada has been run by the University of Toronto for
  the past few years.

  The .CA domain name registry for Canada has been run by John Demco of the
  University of British Columbia.

  This has been done mostly out of the goodwill of organizations such as
  CA*Net, UofT, UofBC, and John, who have paid for this service. With
  increased demand for these services, the UofT will no longer be
  offering the service.

  The CAIP will be taking over both registration services and will be
  responsible for the provisioning of IP address and .CA domain names
  within Canada.

So far it seems reasonable. Then we see this:

  The pool and committee will also be anonymous and non-public. This is
  being done in order to obtain the best possible people for the positions,
  to ensure that the decisions are un-biased, and that the positions can
  not be used for personal gain. The specific membership of the committee
  will therefor not be published by the CAIP, nor will any member of the
  pool or committee ever be allowed to publisize that they were on it.

This seems highly unusual and I wonder if any of you know of domain
registries (and especially IP registries) in other countries that are
runn by anonymous committees and most especially, on which committee
members are EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN from ever identifying themselves.

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