can the memory technology save the routing table size scalability problem?

As we known, the DFZ RIB size expand rapidly. It may be resolved via router architecture improvement, such as adding memory chips or compressing RIB. or via changing routing and addressing scheme, which one will be the long-term essential approach?

You could try this recent nanog thread for some ideas

Route table growth and hardware to the filter


There are at least 2 problems to be addressed (given that you believe
'too many routes will crush the dfz routers')... both number of routes
and speed/number of updates. So, adding more MEMORY (pick your type
DRAM/SRAM/bah) is only solving one of the problems. Additionally, most
moderm DFZ-placed platforms aren't necessarily 'RAM' limited, some of
the limits exist in hardware forwarding elements (TCAM/CAM/ASIC

Anyway, Suresh's followup has a decent info as well, you might locate
the RRG and RAM/RAWs working group meeting outputs as well: