Can P2P applications learn to play fair on networks?

Is it reasonable for your filesharing of your family photos and video
clips to cause problems for all the other users of the network? Is that
fair or just greedy?

It's damn well fair, is what it is. Is it somehow better for me to go and
e-mail the photos and movies around? What if I really don't want to
involve the ISP's servers, because they've proven to be unreliable, or I
don't want them capturing backup copies, or whatever?

My choice of technology for distributing my pictures, in this case, would
probably result in *lower* overall bandwidth consumption by the ISP, since
some bandwidth might be offloaded to Uncle Fred in Topeka, and Grandma
Jones in Detroit, and Brother Tom in Florida who happens to live on a much
higher capacity service.

If filesharing my family photos with friends and family is sufficient to
cause my ISP to buckle, there's something very wrong.

... JG