Call for Whitepapers / Research

I am asking the NANOG group of industry experts to
submit relevant white papers, articles or information
regarding: Bandwidth, Colocation Selection, Computer
Hardware Selection, Network Operations Centers, Legal
Issues SLA's/QOS, Peering and Interconnection, Power
Systems, and Service Models.

This information is available free of charge from the
web resource Since first
publishing information a couple of months ago many
papers have been downloaded over 1000 times.

If you know of information that is not your own but
have deemed it of value to the industry, send me the
url and I will contact the publisher and attempt to
get it listed. If you have ideas on how to improve
content let me know and we will make every
consideration to implement your ideas.

Please feel free to email me directly information that
you may have for publish that can help educate our
community of users.

Thank You,

Kevin Facinelli