Call for Volunteers for Mailing List Administration Panel

There is an opening on the NANOG Mail List Administration Panel.

According to the draft charter[1]:

    "... The NANOG list will be administered and minimally
    moderated by a panel selected by the Steering Committee."

Accordingly, the Steering Committee is soliciting nominations for
this open position, from now through 17:00 GMT Thursday, August
13, 2006.

** Procedure **

To volunteer yourself or nominate someone else, please send mail to with the following information, no later than
17:00 GMT Sunday August 13, 2006.

  - Your name
  - Nominee's name (if not you)
  - Nominee's email address
  - Nominee's phone number
  - Nominee's employer
  - Reasons why you believe the nominee is qualified to serve
    on the Mail List Panel.

We will contact each of the nominees to verify interest and
possibly request additional information.

Once all nominations have been received, the Steering Committee, in
cooperation with the Mailing List Panel, will select the new member
from among the nominees. The result will be announced on the
nanog-announce mailing list.

** Eligibility **

Anyone actively reading the mailing list is
eligible. A nominee may not be a member of the NANOG Program
Committee or of the NANOG Steering Committee.

** Duties **

Basic duties include reading the mailing list and assisting with
keeping things on-topic. The team also deals with abuse issues as
they arise.

** Length of term **

The charter does not specify ML Panel member term lengths. Open
discussion of this is being led by the NANOG Steering Committee.

If you have any questions, please post to the meta-discussion list,, or email and

Finally, on behalf of the Mailing List Panel and the Steering
Committee, we would like to thank everyone for their help in making
NANOG a useful environment for operators.

randy for the SC
Chris Malayter, for the MLC