Call for presentations TechDay at ICANN 62

Call for Presentations

                                   35th TechDay

                                   at ICANN 62

                                 in Panama City

The ICANN Tech Working Group is again planning a technical workshop at

the ICANN 62 meeting in Panama City on Monday 2018-06-25 after the


The TechDay workshop has been a part of ICANN meetings since 2006 and

has provided a forum for both experienced and new people to meet,

present and discuss technical topics related to registry and DNS work

and security.

We are specially interested in:

1. Emerging Threats

2. In addition, we welcome suggestions for additional topics, such as;

* Registry security, services and systems

* DNS & anycast security, services and systems

* Big Data & associated data analysis

* IETF DNS protocol updates (Privacy, Encryption)

* (Recent) DDOS Attacks and Mitigation

If you are interested in presenting, please email<>



On behalf of the TechDay Planning Committee