Call for interested parties: Switching BOF NANOG 46 June 14-17

Greetings NANOG,

We're closing in on the 1 month mark and as I see the BOF that I am
trying to organize now has a slot I thought I'd see if there's anyone I
haven't bugged in person who'd like to participate. In rough terms the
topic is as follows.

Best hopes for low cost high density routers, what feature mix can we
expect from .1 to ~.5Tb/s top of the rack sized l3 switches.

To expand on that idea a little bit I think subject areas might include:

  Where these things can be appropriately deployed

  How network architecture changes as a result of them

  The outlook for their future

I am of course open to suggestions, as well.

If you are a consumer of these products and you have an experience to
relate (favorable bad or other) there are other's at nanog who would be
interested in your experience. We are presuming that the NANOG audience
is wider than simply transit backbone providers, but rather includes,
CDN's and asp/content people, metro-e, consumer isp and some large
enterprise users etc.

If you are a switch vendor that participates at NANOG and I missed you
or never connected with the right person, Don't take it personally and
please drop me a line.

Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing you all in