Call for data: IPv6 enabled service logfiles for analysis

Call for data: IPv6 enabled service logfile analysis

APNIC is seeking operators of high-traffic webhosts, and other public facing services who can provide logfiles for their IPv6 enabled instances. Our intention is to analyse these for the distribution of IPv4, and the various sub-classes of IPv6 (native, tunnelled, Teredo, 6to4).

APNIC will of course respect client privacy and sign an NDA, only abstracted data outcomes would be presented from any participant. -All participants would be acknowledged for their support in any presentations.

While our preference is for access to raw logs, there may be people out there who cannot share this due to contractual or other restrictions. If you are willing to filter data according to our example Perlcode, we'd be happy to receive abstracted data if neccessary. Our tools assume the apache 'combined' log format, or things which can be simply converted to a close analogue.

If anyone is interested in participating in the data collection exercise, please contract