call for agenda items for the open steering committee meeting

At NANOG/Los Angeles, on Sunday eve for about two hours between the
tutorials and the opening reception, the NANOG Steering Committee
will be holding an open meeting for those interested in discussing
general NANOG concerns. The meeting will be broadcast, and a
method for external input, e.g. jabber or whatever, will be

The agenda the SC has come up with so far is:
  - Steeering Committee progress/status report
  - Open microphone
  - Steve - Program Committee report
  - Open microphone
  - Betty - finances
  - Open microphone
  - Mailing List issues
    . ML policy and process
    . ML appeal process
    . SC process regarding ML committee, i.e. terms,
      selection, ... as this is not covered well in
    . other open issues
  - Open microphone

Oh, and did I mention open microphone? :slight_smile:

If you have other items for the formal agenda, please tell us.

If you have a flash presentation (five minutes max) you wish to
make, please tell us and send a draft of the presentation.

randy, for the SC