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Current Active Notice(s)
          STAGE 3 EMERGENCY NOTICE [200100652]

  Effective 01/16/2001 at 07:20 the California Independent System Operator
  has implemented Stage 3 of the Electrical Emergency Plan. The Plan has
  been implemented for the following reason(s):

  Insufficient reserves and energy.

  Stage 3 is expected to be in effect from HE 8
  through HE 24.

  Participating transmission owners are to notify the Utility Distribution
  Companies within their operational areas.

  Stage 3: Operating reserves are expected to fall below 1-1/2%. The UDC will
            implement their electrical emergency plan and/or other load dropping
            to effect 0 MW of involuntary firm demand reductions (i.e., in
            addition to ALL Interruptible Service reductions) no later than

  This message is from Market Operations at the California ISO.

  Notice issued at: 01/16/2001 07:20

Have you checked your generator today?


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from the California Independent System Operator website, at:

Somehow this site seems to answer no more.. Intention or coincidence? :slight_smile:

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Ping california power - no answer

Sorry, couldn't resist..


The site works for me but it's pretty useless. According the system status
pages, the CAISO did not order any load shedding yesterday. The last item was
the Stage 3 alert for 0MW of "involuntary" reduction.

Roy Engehausen

Kurt Kayser wrote: