California controlled service interruptions suspended for now

Cal-ISO has suspended the rolling blackouts, but may begin again
around 4pm PST.

The web site served by Pacific Bell Internet Services has
been very congested throughout the day. It has been difficult to reach,
but I understand it has been up all the time. I can't reach it right now.

PBI is reporting a few DSL problems (surprise!) but nothing out of the

So far it appears most of the Internet Service providers made it through
this wave of rolling blackouts in California. I received only one report
of some customer racks being affected at a hosting provider. Its not
clear if it was related to the rolling blackouts, or due to an internal
issue. Overall, the Internet operators seem to be doing a good job.

The only FCC major outage reported was in Idlewood, Texas. A service
technician accidently disconnected an OC-3 circuit carrying the SS7
control circuits, resulting in 43,000 customers being isolated for
42 minutes. There have been no FCC major outage reports due to the
rolling blackouts in California.