Cacti Graphing

Hi All,

Has any one on this list graphed alcatel-lucent service routers succesfully
using Cacti and if yes would you be kind enough to provide the base template
or the how to.?

Hi Nzioka, the appropriate place for your request is <>Or you can also check


Raymond Macharia

Hi Joe,

I sent you some links offline as well, but make sure the polling host can
talk to the target:

IIRC, the Alcatel/Lucent device(s) default to snmp v2. IIRC, Cacti is
defaulted to v1. At the CLI of the [hopefully] nix device:

               snmpwalk -v 2c $community ip_addr 1.3.6

That should prove that you can talk to and walk the device. If that works
and the poller doesn't, investigate host poller settings or options for v2.
That and ACL's have been typical root causes of problems whenever I have had
issues with polling a target device.