CableWiFi SSID in Washington DC?

I know, completely non-operational and off topic, but have any of you folks
in the DC area seen the CableWiFi SSID around town? Traveling next week
and I can't get confirmation nor denial that my Optimum Online account will
get me wifi access down there.

Why don't you try a rogue ad hoc FreePublicWifi ? :slight_smile:

What? Free? Public? How can I NOT connect to that? :wink:

I haven't tried it in DC, but I can confirm that my parents' XFINITY and
grandparents' OO logins both work on the CableWiFi SSIDs in San Francisco,
and friends in DC with XFINITY say theirs work there. I assume it will also
for you.



There are indeed "FreePublicWiFi" nodes in some areas like Dupont Circle but it's not very convenient most of the time (signal strength or speed issues). IIRC there's a Commotion mesh around Columbia Heights which should be much faster. Personally, I just use a Mifi and never have any issues.


Optimum's Hotspot locator will show partner hotspots that they have access
through. Check out their wifi locator page below to see you will have
wifi coverage.

They may also have an iPhone/Android app for locating optimum hotspots
similar to Comcast's appsÅ 

Android version =
iPhone version =