Cable/Wireless-Tower Map for the San Francisco Bay Coastside?

Hey All,

Does anyone know whether there’s a map that shows the cable/wireless-tower map for the San Francisco Bay Coastside (i.e., from Montara to Half Moon Bay)?

A few days ago, a truck hit a PG&E post on Highway 92, which traverses from San Mateo to Half Moon Bay. The accident caused the post to fall to the ground.

The Coastside has one Comcast-owned, fiber-optic cable that crosses the mountains from Silicon Valley to the Coastside. I guess the cable must run on PG&E posts because not only did the accident cause a blackout in some areas of the Coastside but also the entire Coastside was left without almost any Cable TV, Internet, or mobile phone connectivity for practically 24 hours.

I only have anecdotal evidence, but it seems that there was no Comcast or Verizon service whatsoever because Verizon leases the fiber-optic line from Comcast. It also seems that DirecTV and AT&T were not affected, and the theories vary as to why. Perhaps AT&T uses a combination of copper wire and wireless to service the area. DirecTV allegedly leases connectivity from AT&T.

I’ve also heard that Sprint PCS paid the owner of a building near the El Granada post office to use it to relay a mobile signal from there. But when I asked on Nextdoor about the incident no one mentioned Sprint. In prior discussions, Coastside residents say they avoid Sprint and AT&T due to their spotty service. And I know nothing about T-Mobile.

The reason I ask is because this is not the first time that Coastside residents have been left without mobile service, cable TV, and Internet connectivity. In fact, it seems to be a frequent phenomenon, making me wonder that if the infrastructure here is so fragile what would happen in the case of the “Big One” or, God forbid, a Tsunami or major storm surge.

I understand that there’s a plan for emergency responders to maintain Internet and mobile connectivity that includes microwave connectivity, but I have yet to obtain the details. So I’m trying to get as much data as I can to help local decision-makers figure out how to make the Coastside more resilient before the next disaster strikes.

Yosem has crowd-sourced tower maps.

Sizable towers need to be registered with the FAA. You can go to:

Type in Half Moon Bay and CA for the state for a listing. Or better yet
the lat lon and radius.