cable modems [Re: Intra/Inter - was Inet-II]

The power of the KPCB media hype machine. There is an interesting
and rather lengthy article in this month's Upside finally questioning
the long term viability of @Home from a financial point of view.
The issue turns on the lack of investment on the part of TCI to make
the necessary cable plant upgrades. No upgrades -- no one @Home.

The hype machine always unravels, given time.

Yeah, only after consuming a few class B's and a class
A reservation through special channels :wink:

Seriously, KPCB won't let this one fail that easily.
Other KPCB (successful) startups are known to be
promoting the larger cause of the "keiretsu" by
helping this one out in their own ways. Sorry,
off topic but couldn't resist.