Cable Modem [really responsible engineering]

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>P.S. I will be out all day tomorrow testifying to the Public
>Utilities Commission staff and will not be able to respond to any
>further discussion for a few days.

Testifying on this particular issue? I'd be interested in hearing what
comes of it. Once again it sounds like we're trading a little imagined
security for loss of freedom, and laying the expense on common

Testifying on an entirely unrelated docket.

You make a very important point. I am a believer in strong privacy,
and that privacy is constantly under attack. The defense of privacy
requires constant vigilance.

However, being able to identify which computer is sending traffic does
not result in loss of privacy:

1) privacy should come from other, more secure, mechanisms such as
   encryption of data.

2) Current dial-up IP access provides an even greater ability to
   identify the user.