Cable Modem [really good network design]

> I strongly recommend you spend some quality time with the DOCSIS
> spec... Personally, I think DSL and wireless modems would benefit from
> using DOCSIS. I have not thought hard about this issue and am
> interested in other opinions...

You do learn fast! :wink:

I haven't yet learned not to make weak jokes on mailing lists...

However you'd better watch out. DOCSIS-1.0 is an implementer's worst
nightmare. At best it provides a low-level physical layer spec. and the
rest of it is pretty much useless in prodcution. 2.0 solves some of the
problems, but introduces more.

My experience has been that DOCIS-1.0 is unusable, 1.1 works well. I
have no experience with 2.0. But then, I don't get out much...
[sorry! weak joke!]