Cable Colors

To me far more important that color is tags, one on each end if it is
more that a foot long.

The tags should have a short (two or three word) description, the
authority for the patch (person's name or position, order number, or
trouble ticket number) and where the _other_ end of the patch is,
followed by where _this_ is. (For short cords "this" will cover both
ends, probably.

Why "this end"? Make a mistake and pull the wrong one out of a mostly
clear jack-field sometime. Clarity will occur.

Ha, I don't see many other people who do that.

So is the labeling device of choice still the Dymo Rhino stuff?
Preferences for/against heat shrink vs other methods? Always fun to see
what others are doing.

... JG

Brady TLS2200. There is no substitute.

Self-laminating multiline labels you simply wrap around the cable to form a sleeve. No heat-shrink required, just print, peel and stick.


I'm very fond of the Brady with the self-laminating wrap-around vinyl labels.