Cable Colors

This seems like a good demarcation for the colors, but two things. Its a bit more expensive, and, it typically makes for a pretty mess. You're talking pre determined cable lengths for the most part. I tend to avoid patch cables like the plague and invest in long term deployments cut to length.

Intelligently strapping in mostly permanent wiring should be worth the investment and reduce outages in the long run. The colors don't hurt.



I work around the mess issue by stocking in 1/2 foot increments. Sure you sometimes
get a little extra at the ends, but, with a maximum of 6" extra to deal with, it's usually
not much of a mess and can mostly be absorbed within the width of the vertical and
height of the horizontal cable managers at each end.

Yes, it's a wee bit more expensive.

In long term deployments, custom-cut to length on site might make sense, but, I work
in dynamic and changing environments where a given cable's life-span varies
unpredictably between a few days and several years. In that environment, cut-to-
length requires more staff and cost than my budget allows.

Velcro cable wraps are your friend and the pre-printed serial/length labels at each
end help a lot in the long run, too.