CA electricity and DoD Y2K on July 13

Events to be on the look out for Today, July 13, 1999. If nothing happens,
this was not an operations related message. On the other hand, if something

California's Independent System Operator (the organization responsible for
managing the CA high-voltage electric power distribution grid) is estimating
today's power usage will be even greater than Monday's usage. More than
likely, this will trigger another California Stage One Electrical Alert.
This is the first of three levels of electrical alerts. Customers are
asked to make voluntary reductions. Stage Two is mandatory load and Stage
Three would be rolling blackouts and voltage reduction as happened on
the east coast.

The US Department of Defense is conducting their largest Year 2000 test
to date, including a Y2K test for the press today. Be on the lookout for
buggy DoD software. The test of the logistics and supply systems includes
interfaces to outside vendors, such as FedEx. If FedEx accidently delivers
a F-15 to your door, I'm sure DoD would appreciate if you returned it.